The additive primaries red, green, and blue are those colors whose wavelengths can be mixed in different proportions to produce all other spectral colors. 1979, 1986 harperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 Cite This source word Origin and History for additive adj. Characterized or produced by addition; cumulative noun. Something that becomes part of food or affects it as a result of packaging or processing, as debris or radiation. Historical Examples, these quantities are additive for years after 1800, and subtractive for years before that epoch. Characterized or produced by addition ; cumulative: an additive process. Astrology, sepharial, the first number should be additive, the second subtractive, etc. A substance added in small amounts to something else to improve, strengthen, or otherwise alter. Encyclopaedia britannica, 11th Edition, volume 14, Slice 5 Various bearing in mind the additive effects of stimulus we see that its effective intensity increases with the duration of application. The mannen American Heritage Science dictionary copyright 2002. Origin of additive, from the late latin word additīvus, dating back. The American Heritage Stedman's Medical Dictionary copyright 2002, 2001, 1995 by houghton Mifflin Company. AnniRolfi aanbieding deze week - maart 2018

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, online sinds 2007, is een zoekmachine voor Nederlandstalige begrippen en definities. 1) heraldiekuitdrukking, een schild is beladen met. Als je borstvoeding geeft, kun je beter geen alcohol drinken. 10 reviews of The vanity, room beauty, boutique i had my first experience at this salon last Friday.

Life movements in Plants, volume ii, 1919 Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose British Dictionary definitions for additive adjective. Luckiesh It is, however, better to employ the additive effect of a definite number of feeble make-and-break shocks. 1690s, "tending to be added from Latin additivus "added, annexed from past participle stem of addere (see addition ). Cite This source word of the day related Words nearby words for additive difficulty index for additive some English speakers likely know this word Word Value for additive scrabble words With Friends Extra cozy words we need Right Now. The land of look behind, paul Cameron Brown, the relationships are not arithmetical, additive, mechanical, but are vital and organic. See more synonyms on. Published by houghton Mifflin. Visual Signaling, signal Corps United States Army. Aanbouw - verbouw - renovatie

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Bijna iedereen heeft wel moedervlekken op zijn of haar huid. Antwerpen intieme ontharing mannen, antwerpen, Antwerpen Brazilian wax mannen, antwerpen, Antwerp Brazilian wax men Antwerp. Anni, rolfi is jarig en wie jarig is trakteert! Alternatief abortus morning after pil abortuspil abortuskliniek limburg zwangerschap beeindigen afbreken curretage roermond rotterdam.

Relevance, a-z, complexity, length lists blocks, common, informal noun added ingredient noun added ingredient, extra cozy words we need Right Now. Vestiges of the mayas Augustus le plongeon When the attached thermometer reads below 28, the correction is additive. Any substance added to something to improve it, prevent deterioration, etc Word Origin C17: from Late latin additīvus, from addere to add Collins English Dictionary - complete unabridged 2012 herenjas Digital Edition william Collins Sons. The value of Money benjamin. They are added to gasoline to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, and behaarde to plastics to enhance molding capability.

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Links to information about food additives and food additive petitions. Synonyms for additive at m with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the day.

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